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Our motto is “Walk with us! Walk with us! ”, Understood not only in a literal sense but above all as a philosophy of sharing. Those who participate in one of our activities know that the concept of a group is fundamental: we start together and arrive together, each with their own strengths and limitations.

We like to make known the beauty of our territory, its history and its natural peculiarities, through sports activities.

Walk, run, pedal… .. you choose the way and the rhythm and we accompany you.

Choose one of our courses and we will teach you how to practice it in the best way.

For those who are not satisfied with walking but also want to try running. We will meet every Saturday in a different place, for an hour of slow running. It will be an opportunity to get to know our beautiful territory at a faster pace, but above all a different way of being together. In trail running we talk about "trail spirit" because the performance comes after (but a lot later!) The pleasure of getting lost in the woods, stopping to observe a flower, taking a picture, chatting with a person, sharing a moment ... Unique opportunity to do some healthy sport, filling your eyes and heart with the beauty of nature and the surrounding landscapes.

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It's easy to say that walking is good for you! It is good if you do it with due attention. We have always been interested in our well-being and those who come to walk with us. Therefore we have decided to improve our way of walking and to propose a correct way of walking.

Every weekend we organize excursions in which we try to teach "the art of walking", paying particular attention to breathing, foot support, arm movement and body posture in general, that is walking observing correct mechanics of the movement.

To those who have learned a good fitwalking technique and want to use poles, we will teach you how to combine them correctly with walking.

With us you will learn to walk in a correct, sporty way, discovering new itineraries.

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We like to get to know our territory especially in MTB, pedaling on the ridges, fording rivers or through beautiful woods.

There are courses for all tastes where you can train and improve your technique.

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