Activities for people with disabilities

Our motto is “Walk with us! Walk with us! ”, Understood not only in a literal sense but above all as a philosophy of sharing part of one's time. Those who participate in our activities know that the concept of a group is fundamental: we start together and arrive together, each with their own strengths and limitations.

We believe it is our duty to commit ourselves so that each person is enabled to freely decide whether or not to participate in our activity.

Our thoughts went above all to people with disabilities, as no psycho-physical condition should be a reason for giving up getting involved. Barriers must be removed, but this is not always possible. In this case we like to try to overcome them, with humility but stubbornly.

For this reason we have equipped ourselves with an off-road wheelchair that allows any person with reduced mobility, adult or child, even if totally dependent, to go hiking in the mountains but also to participate in competitions or sports competitions, thanks to the help of at least two companions.

We also have a tandem to allow blind, deaf or people with slight psycho-physical difficulties to discover our territory by bicycle.

If you are interested and want more information about our activities for people with disabilities, fill out the contact form.

Walk with us!

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