What is Fitwalking

Fitwalking, which can be literally translated into Italian as "walking in shape", consists of a fast-paced walk with particular attention to breathing, foot support, arm movement and body posture in general, ie walking observing a correct movement mechanics. In other words, it is "the art of walking", a simple technique to transform normal walking into a sporting form suitable for everyone.

What is Fitwalking Cross

The Fitwalking Cross involves the use of poles to be combined with the classic activity of Fitwalking. It is aimed at those who have learned a good fitwalking technique, are a lover of nature and the off-road environment; it is therefore suitable for those who like to discover new paths and, why not, undertake a journey of several days, also thinking about their own well-being. It differs from Nordic Walking because, compared to this, the support / thrust point of the sticks is advanced and anticipated.

What do we do

It's easy to say that walking is good for you! It is good if you do it with due attention. We have always been interested in our well-being and those who come to walk with us. Therefore we have decided to improve our way of walking and to propose a correct way of walking. Some of us have deepened the subject, participating in training courses held by Giorgio and Maurizio Damilano, walking champions, and today teachers of the original and unique method for teaching sports walking. With us you will learn to walk in a correct, sporty way, discovering new itineraries. Don't set yourself limits, come to our Fitwalking and Fitwalking Cross courses.

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