Never Stop!


“Walk with us! Walk with us! "

What is the "Never stop!"

Our motto is “Walk with us! Walk with us! ", understood not only in a literal sense but above all as a philosophy of sharing part of one's time. Those who participate in our activities know that the concept of a group is fundamental: we start together and arrive together, each with their own strengths and limitations.

We believe it is our duty to commit ourselves so that each person is enabled to freely decide whether or not to participate in our activity.

Our thoughts went above all to people with disabilities, as no psycho-physical condition should be a reason for giving up getting involved. Barriers must be removed but this is not always possible. In this case we like to try to overcome them, with humility but stubbornly.

Sometimes a little ingenuity, patience and good will is enough to overcome an obstacle, which is why we have decided to equip ourselves with health aids that allow anyone, even with disabilities, to try to participate in one of our activities. We called our project "Never Stop!" and we decided to start by equipping ourselves with an off-road wheelchair: the Joëlette!

The project has received the patronage of many public and private entities such as: Tuscany Region, Metropolitan City of Florence, Union of Municipalities of the Empolese Valdelsa District, Municipality of Capraia and Limite, Castelfiorentino, Certaldo, Gambassi Terme, Montaione, Montespertoli, San Gimignano, European Association of the Vie Francigene - network of the Council of Europe, Tuscan Association of the Vie Francigene and Paths, Via Romea Germanica Association, European Federation of Historical Cultural Tourist Routes, Association of European Environmental Guides, UISP - Empolese Valdelsa Committee, Ass Without Barriers Onlus.

At the beginning of 2019 we purchased our first single wheel off-road wheelchair, thanks to the contribution of public and private bodies and individual citizens.

The wheelchair was presented to the Tuscan Regional Council on February 28, 2019, in the presence of some local administrators.

In September 2019 we also purchased the “Kit Twin”, an optional that offers the possibility of alternating the single wheel with the double wheel, to make the wheelchair more stable and easier to drive.

In February 2020 we purchased a tandem to give people with disabilities a further chance to approach outdoor sports activities.

But we don't want to stop there!

Video created for the unsuccessful crowdfunding…. but we never gave up!

One of our meetings to introduce Joëlette to those who have made themselves available to share this experience (video by Francesco Aglietti)

The Joëlette is an off-road wheelchair with single wheel, or with double wheel, produced by the French company Ferriol Mattrat, which allows any person with reduced mobility, adult or child, even if totally dependent, to practice excursions in the mountains but also to participate in competitions or sports competitions, with the help of at least two accompanying persons. The rear chaperone ensures the Joëlette's balance, while the front chaperone ensures traction and direction. It was designed to encourage everyone's access to nature and sports. The only limit of the Joëlette are the skills of the companions!

The one-wheeled Joëlette

The double wheel Joëlette

Presentation of the off-road wheelchair in the Regional Council on February 28, 2019

Some photos of our activities with the off-road wheelchair


The idea of equipping ourselves with the tandem was born to allow blind people, deaf people or people with slight psycho-physical difficulties to discover our territory by bicycle.

Whenever possible, we like to network with other local realities. This time we have decided to "create" the tandem with an excellence of our territory, "Simoncini Telai", an artisan company that has been creating custom-made bicycle frames since 1949.

We have also tried to involve associations representing people with disabilities to get advice.

The cost was 2,000.00 euros. In February 2020 we had not yet collected this amount, but we have decided to proceed with the purchase anyway, in order to be ready in spring to offer, to those who need and require it, the possibility of a sporting experience on a bicycle. Fundraising will continue to cover the costs incurred and to enrich the bicycle equipment.

We are really happy: the tandem is designed and produced on the territory for the territory!

Our tandem

Il nostro tandem

Our tandem in motion!

Il nostro tandem in movimento!

The cost of mobility aids for outdoor sports activities is very high for a small company like ours. This is why we have decided to ask for the help of public and private institutions, economic operators and individual citizens to be able to equip ourselves with these tools.

  • purchase of medical mobility aids for outdoor sports activities

For each health aid for mobility for outdoor sports activities, as soon as the amount necessary for the purchase is reached, it will be at THE discretion to decide to continue raising funds to purchase additional aids, necessary to expand accessibility to the activities to as many people as possible.

Naturally, THE will communicate the achievement of the objective and the definition of further objectives through its website, its social channels or other tool it deems appropriate.

Those who contribute will always be made aware of the aid they will finance.

On our website and on our social pages we will highlight who will contribute to the realization of this project.

  • purpose of purchasing medical mobility aids for outdoor sports activities

The intent is to make available for free mobility aids for outdoor sports activities to anyone who wants to participate in one of our activities with the aim of increasing the number of people who will be able to access them.

The aids will be in the exclusive availability of THE, which will also decide who to grant them to, of course free of charge, to carry out activities not directly managed by our association.

  • how to contribute to the purchase of mobility aids for outdoor sports activities

For those who believe in this project and decide to finance it, they can do so by contacting us:; Nicola Dainelli: 328 4136156 and making a transfer to a bank account in the name of:
IBAN: IT 78 V 08425 37790 000010497303
reason: "donation for the" Never stop! "project, to encourage access to sports"

  • deductibility of contributions paid to our association for the purchase of mobility aids for outdoor sports activities

It should be noted that currently Article 15, paragraph 1, letter i-ter), of the Tuir, provides for a tax deduction for individuals who make donations in cash in favor of amateur sports associations. Currently the tax benefit is 19% and is calculated on a total amount not exceeding 1,500 euros for each tax period (therefore, the maximum deductible amount is 285 euros). To be entitled to the deduction, the payment must be made by bank transfer to the association's current account. The same rule also applies to sole proprietorships and partners in partnerships.

Instead, article 78, paragraph 1, TUIR, currently provides that IRES taxable persons can deduct from the gross tax, up to the amount thereof, an amount equal to 19% of the donations in cash made in favor of amateur sports associations, in limits and with the methods dictated for the same deduction provided for in favor of natural persons by article 15, paragraph 1, letter i-ter), Tuir.

Of course, what has been said previously is only an example. You are invited to check the deductibility with your tax advisor based on your legal nature, tax regime and tax situation.




telephone: 328 4136156 (Nicola Dainelli - president of THE - Toscana Hiking Experience ASD and head of the "Never stop!" project)


Contributions collected: € 2,000.00

Expected expenditure: € 2,000.00

- economic operators and associations

Slow Travel Fest

Rotary Club Valdelsa

- private citizens

Dainelli Romano and Bimbi Silvana

Dainelli Nicola and Bigazzi Susanna


Contributions collected: € 5,664.34

Expected and carried out expenditure: € 5,664.34

- public entities

Municipality of Castelfiorentino 

Municipality of Gambassi Terme 

Municipality of Montaione 

- economic operators and associations

Association "SenzaBarriere"

Bank of Cambiano 1884 SpA 

The Grande Prato and Chiosco ai Renai

- private citizens

Andreolo Daniela

Babboni Paola

Bagnai Alessandra

Barnini Mario

Baroncini David

Barreca Rosita

Sandra sticks

Benelli Barbara

Bertelli Monica

Bertozzi Ambra

Alessandro Bianchi

Bonfiglioli Federico and Martinelli Irene

Letizia Borghini

Brizzi Marina

Buti Massimo

Caciagli Daniele

Calattini Fabrizio and Dainelli Ilaria

Cammilli Paolo

Paolo Cardini

Carli Nico and Mori Grazia

Carzoli Elisa

Cioni Manuela

Ciulli Francesco and Cagnoni Daniela

Sabrina knives

I recommend Angela

Dainelli Lorenzo and Margherita

Dainelli Nicola and Bigazzi Susanna

Dainelli Romano and Bimbi Silvana

D'Onofrio Claudia and Pacciani Alessio

Dori Monica

Fabrizzi Germana

Falai Francesca

Falorni Sandra

Falorni Silvia

Daniele flasks

Franchini Roberta

Frison Daniele

Giustarini Laura

Righteous Alessandro

Grazzi Lara

Grazzi Simone

Lami Sonia

Monica Lazzeri

Lombardi Donatella

Lorino Alessandro

Lorino Francesca

Lupori Stefania and Pierucci Loretta

Maggi Daniela

Malquori Lucia

Sandra Manetti

Marcantoni Paolo

Marini Lorella

Masini Sabrina

Migliorini Monica

Ndue Ndoci

Nigrelli Daila and Genero Stefano

Nocentini Serena and Riccardo Mafucci

Padovani Marico

Pantalena Lisa

Paolicchi Simonetta

Papini Claudia

Papucci Paola

Pelosi Basilio

Perrone Alberto Maria

Pili Gabriella

Pistolesi Renzo and Armano Giancarla

Pistelli Sonia

Pratelli Paolo

Puccioni Marzia

Renieri Fabrizio

Ribechini Enrica

Ricotta Antonietta

Ricotta Laura

Rinaldi Massimo

Giuliano Scheggi

Sica Claudio and Morone Antonella

Simoni (family)

Spinelli Stefano

Storace Sabrina

Tafi Tania

Tinti Luca

Tofani Gabriele

Tricarico Vincenzo

Ulivieri Simona

Varvaro Jacopo

Roberta screws

Volterrani Stefano

Zonnedda Silvia

…. and the many who walked with us

Under the patronage of:





Tuscany region





C.Metropolitan area of Florence




Union of Municipalities of the District of Empolese Valdelsa






Municipality of Capraia and Limite






Municipality of Castelfiorentino






Municipality of Certaldo




Municipality of Gambassi Terme






Municipality of Montaione






Municipality of Montespertoli







Municipality of San Gimignano




European Association of the Vie Francigene - network of the Council of Europe




Tuscan Association of the Vie Francigene and the Paths





Ass. Via Romea Germanica




European Federation of Historical Cultural Tourist Routes



European Environmental Guides Association





Ass. Senza Barriere Onlus




UISP - Empolese Valdelsa Committee

The graphic design of the poster of "Never Stop!" it was developed free of charge by Marilia Taddei of Solari ADV in Castelfiorentino.

Video - Photo - Graphics designed and produced for free by Suyen Tommasi

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