Who we are

THE - Toscana Hiking Experience, brings together a group of people in love with sport, nature and their territory. Our goal is to help anyone become more aware of the historical-naturalistic riches of the environment in which they live and we do this through sports activities.

Our motto is “Walk with us! Walk with us! ”, Understood not only in a literal sense but above all as a philosophy of sharing. Those who participate in one of our activities know that the concept of a group is fundamental: we start together and arrive together, each with their own strengths and limitations.

What do we do

We are dedicated to a wide range of activities: from planning and conducting themed excursions, lasting one or more days, on foot or by bicycle, to the dissemination of sports activities such as fitwalking, fitwalking cross, Nordic walking, orienteering, mtb and trail running, to the design, construction and maintenance of trails.

Among our members we have technicians from the Italian Orientation Sports Federation (FISO), recognized Fitwalking and Fitwalking Cross instructors, professional environmental guides. former LR Toscana 86/2016, official guides of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park.

As educational operators we develop projects on various themes for kindergartens, primary, first and second grade secondary schools, from excursions of one or more days, to environmental education and orienteering activities.
Our business pays particular attention to different forms of disability, trying to bring more and more people to share an outdoor sports experience.

Walk, run, pedal… .. you choose the way and the rhythm and we accompany you


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Walk with Us!

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