I am a walker by vocation and philosophy of life. Always a lover of outdoor life and nature, I have always tried to understand myself and the places I crossed with the eyes of the pilgrim and of those who, slowly, listen to their breath and their thoughts that nature, and walking, suggest. Scout educator since 1986 I have always tried to transmit these passions to young people, of all age groups, through life in nature, the search for competence, attention to others and themselves with a healthy spirit of adaptation and availability. Since 2016 Environmental Hiking Guide constantly looking for how to understand and enhance our territory through the design of itineraries that can combine the beauty of our paths and ancient routes, with the wonderful history of our land. Passionate about cartography and orientation, I try to combine the knowledge of topography and traditional orientation tools, such as compass and altimeter, more modern, such as GPS, for orientation in the mountains without neglecting the competence, and knowledge, for the equipment necessary for exits every day and several days. I carry out excursions for beginners and experts, environmental education, itineraries in natural and historical-cultural environments and eco-museums, also in English, and development / project thematic cartography and signs for path use.

I am a FISO Level 1 instructor of the Italian Federation of Sport Orientation and a Fit Walking Sports Guide.

I am a professional environmental guide former LR Tuscany 86/2016.

I am an official guide of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park.