The passion for the woods and the outdoor life led me to a degree in forest science, while that for people and relationships, to training in relational psychomotor skills.
Being able to be an environmental guide represents for me the opportunity to discuss these “worlds”, where Man and Nature meet and intertwine in a deep and primordial relationship, made of mutual knowledge and respect, such as to bring psycho-physical well-being.
This is why I like to organize excursions for children, walks with games and experiential activities and sensory walks for adults and children, real "immersions" in the woods, which help to rediscover the ancient connection with nature, our roots, in one space and time to walk, play, relax, be quiet, listen, discuss, establish relationships, enjoying our beautiful territory.

I am a professional environmental guide former LR Tuscany 86/2016.

I am an official guide of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park.