Gorgona: the prison island, pearl of the Tuscan archipelago

Saturday, April 27, 2024

08:15 – 18:15
Gorgona Island (LI)

  • Length: about 9 Km
  • Difference in altitude: about 350 meters (positive / negative)
  • Type of route: circular (the departure and arrival points coincide)
  • Level: E
  • Requirements: Hikers
  • Guide: Nicola

Gorgona is a special island, because it is the smallest and greenest of the Tuscan archipelago, because it is the oldest, an isolated piece of the Alps in the Tyrrhenian Sea, but above all because it is the only prison island still active in Europe. .

In Gorgona you live a unique prison experience, in which prisoners have been given and continue to give the possibility to reintegrate into society through work in a context of "freedom", always in compliance with the Constitution.

Visiting it is not easy, we now know it well and we love it in a particular way. Through an unprecedented and panoramic route we will let you know and appreciate all the historical and naturalistic aspects of the island, as well as the peculiarities of daily life in this prison.

An experience to do, which will not leave you indifferent.

Gorgona Island (LI)




for hikers E (ring route; length about 9.00 km; positive / negative difference in height about 350 meters); there are no significant difficulties, it winds on dirt roads, but the heat and the sun should not be underestimated!

Duration: 4 hours of stops excluded


Meeting point:

Hours: 8.15
meeting and boarding at the Porto Mediceo of Livorno, next to the Ristorante l'Andana (via del Molo Mediceo, 22 - Livorno): meeting point (punctuality is recommended, the ship does not wait!).
It is possible to leave the car at the parking lot of the American market, a few hundred meters from the meeting place, at a low hourly rate (American parking).


Program of the day:

– 08.15 am meeting of the group and boarding at the Medici port of Livorno

- 08:45 departure of the ferry to the Gorgona

- around 10:00, arrival in Gorgona and short stop at the shop to use the toilets and / or have a snack

– morning to discover the southern part of the island, with a visit to the farm area (access to the premises is at the discretion of the prison administration), knowledge of the agricultural penal colony and the "prison system"

- around 13:00, we will have a packed lunch in the shade of a cool pine forest

– after the stop we will resume our journey in the northern part of the island. Finally we will return to Gorgona Scalo, we will visit its alleys, and then conclude our excursion to the small port where, at the discretion of the prison authorities, there will be the possibility of a refreshing swim

- 17:00 all on board!
Expected return to Livorno at 6.15pm

ATTENTION!!! The routes may vary as they are always subject to the authorization of the penitentiary authority



Adults: €55.00* (including guide, ship and park access ticket)
Accompanied minors from 4 to 12 years (12 years not yet turned on the day of the excursion): € 35,00* (including guide, ship; park access ticket is not required)
Children <4 years free

* subject to an increase in the ferry ticket and the park ticket

ATTENTION! Excursions to Gorgona are limited, therefore it is reservation required which is realized only with the payment of the "participation fee".

Terms of payment:

To be paid in full by bank transfer IBAN IT78V0842537790000010497303
In the reason for specifying:
Gorgona, excursion date, Contact surname, number of reservations for adults / minors 12 years of age

After the payment:
Send a scan or photo of the accounting receipt to info@toscanahiking.it, together with the following information, for checks on any criminal charges:
name, surname, place and date of birth, no. mobile phone (necessary for any urgent communications), tax code, residential address of each participant

Failure to communicate the above data will result in exclusion from the trip for reasons not attributable to the organizing Association, with consequent loss of the amount due.
In case of cancellation, we will notify the booked people by telephone and alternative dates will be proposed, or the amount paid will be refunded. The receipt must also be brought on the day of the trip.

NOT there is a refund of the fee in case of cancellation, for any reason.

In case of bad weather that prevents the departure of the motorboat or failure to reach the minimum number of participants (10 adults), the entire fee will be refunded or the possibility of using the fee for the same excursion which will be postponed to the first available date. .

Organization and coordination of activities; assistance with an environmental hiking guide pursuant to LR 86/2016 and subsequent amendments; maritime transport; Park access ticket (if provided). The Guides are in possession of the civil liability insurance required by law. Participants in the excursions are NOT covered by personal accident insurance.

Transfer costs for the port of Livorno, meals and anything else not explicitly mentioned in the program.



What you need for excursions:

Compulsory equipment:
valid identity document (without you cannot land!)
- comfortable hiking / gym shoes (with sculpted sole anyway! NO sandals!)
- backpack
- at least 2 liters of water (per person!)
- packed lunch (there is a shop in Gorgona, but it is not always open)
- layered clothing (the weather can vary it is always good to have a fleece, as well as a short-sleeved shirt)
- windproof jacket
- hat or bandana to protect from the sun
- sunscreen
- swimsuit and towel: attention to the access to the beach of Porticciolo di Gorgona is free but there is no lifeguard service (the possibility of swimming is not safe, which is always and in any case at the discretion of the prison police)
– Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as disposable masks and gloves, if required by law (before leaving, always inquire about the provisions in force regarding the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic) .

Recommended equipment:
Trekking poles and sunscreen.



Lunch bag

We ask all participants to limit the use of disposable material and to bring a glass. In fact we generally offer coffee or other drinks but we have decided not to bring more shot glasses / glasses and spoons.
We do not want to teach anyone anything, but we feel a duty, for those like us who love nature, to try to behave in a more respectful way.



In the light of recent episodes that occurred in Gorgona, we remind all those who book a visit to the Island of Gorgona, that the island itself is a prison and that the checks to which the personal data of the participants are subjected are carried out by the Penitentiary Police at aim to highlight the people who have pending charges and who will NOT be authorized to disembark.

Although the personal data are sent by us to the prison as soon as they are received, the penitentiary office in charge does not always communicate any refusal to disembark in time to be able to replace those booked not admitted with other people: in this case the sums can NOT be returned already paid for the visit.

For this reason, we invite all those who wish to book for the next dates to check their position immediately: if you believe that your name may NOT be allowed to disembark, check with your lawyer; the criminal record may not be relevant for the purposes of the "SDI" checks that refer to the "INVESTIGATION SYSTEM" DATA BASE accessible only to the Police Corps but not to the Court and Legal, to which it is NOT possible to update it even in case of resolution complete the judicial process. For cancellation from this database it is necessary to request it with R / R from the Questore of your place of residence.

In case of refusal, you can indicate a replacement name as soon as possible. Alternatively, if on the same date the ship will also make the trip to Capraia, people not authorized to disembark in Gorgona will be able to continue the day in Capraia without further charges.

Important notices
a) The visit will take place upon reaching the minimum number of 10 paying adults
b) It will not be possible to bring cell phones, photographic or video recording equipment to the island
c) During the day, it will not be possible to leave the group

d) It is NOT possible to bring animals to the island of Gorgona

The methods of accessing the island of Gorgona and participating in the excursion are subject to the legislation in force on the day of the excursion in the field of combating the Covid 19 pandemic: always inquire before leaving!

The organizers reserve the right to modify or cancel the excursion in case of risk and / or unforeseen situations for the participants.

The Guides are in possession of the civil liability insurance required by law.
Participants in the excursions are NOT covered by personal accident insurance.


Reservation required:
Nicola +39 3284136156

Reservation is mandatory. Participation in the Facebook event is not binding.



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