Never stop!

What’s about the project “Never Stop!”?

Our motto is “Cammina con noi! Walk with us! “, understood not only literally but above all as a philosophy of sharing a journey. Those who walk with us know that the concept of group is fundamental: we start a walking tour together and together we end it, each with his/her own strengths and limits. At the end of the first year of activity, we reflected on the future of our association, Toscana Hiking Experience – T.H.E. We all agreed on one point: we shall engage ourselves in letting as many people as possible taking part in our excursions, without exception.

Our thinking has gone above all to the disabled, since no psycho-physical condition must be a reason to renounce to get involved. The barriers must be demolished but we know that this is not always possible. In our case we want to try to overcome the obstacles, with humility but stubbornly. Sometimes just some brain, patience and good will are enough to do that. That’s why we decided to equip ourselves with health aids that can allow anyone, even with disabilities, to try to take  part to an excursion with us. The name of our project is “Never Stop!” that reflects our aim and the first action will consist in equipping ourselves with an off-road wheelchair: the Joëlette!

 The cost of a Joëlette, as well as of the other similar health aids, is very high for a small reality like ours. This is why we decided to ask for support from public and private institutions, from economic operators and ordinary citizens for purchasing these tools.

Our aim is to let anyone who wants to take part to one of our hikes use for free the Joëlette and all other aids, so to increase the number of people who can access discovering the beauty of the Tuscan landscape and not only. The health aids that we will be able to buy thanks to your generosity will be in the exclusive availability of T.H.E., which will decide to whom let  their use, of course for free, even in order to take part in excursions not directly managed by our association.

How funds will be used.

Funds will be used for the purchase of two Joëlette chairs and , if more as we hope, of other health aids specially designed to encourage the participation of people with reduced mobility on trekking excursions.

 The  “Joëlette “ is an all-terrain  one-wheeled chair, produced by the French company Ferriol Mattrat, that enables any person with reduced mobility or disability, adult or child, even if totally dependent, to get involved in hiking excursions or running activities with the help of at least two guides. The rear guide handles the balance and the front guide controls the traction and gives the direction.

Designed for both family outings and more intense sports and recreation, the Joëlette enables the access to the roughest terrains so far inaccessible with a classic wheelchair. It was designed to encourage everyone’s access to nature and sporting activities. The only limit of Joëlette  are the abilities of the guides!

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Who is behind the project?

Toscana Hiking Experience – T.H.E.  is a young but very active association, established in 2016 and based in Castelfiorentino, a small town in the heart of Tuscany, at a crossroad between the famous art cities of Florence, Siena and Pisa, standing on the ancient Via Francigena and surrounded by an amazing landscape.

Our association was born from the great, shared passion for nature, environment, outdoor lifestyle and hiking of a group of young people.

Our aim is to spread the culture of walking and movement, to raise people’s awareness towards a healthy and environment-friendly life, rediscovering the beauties of our land that too often remain unknown.

We offer a wide range of activities: from designing and conducting themed excursions, on foot or by bicycle, to the design, construction and maintenance of trails in compliance with national and regional regulations.

As educational operators we develop projects on various themes for preschools, primary schools, first and second level secondary schools, in particular we take care of the planning and realization of guided tours in educational farms, we deal with environmental education and do orienteering activities co-operating with the Italian Federation of Orienteering, of which we are members.

Many of us are hiking guides, qualified according to Tuscany regulation (Regional Law n. 86/2016), the only ones who are enabled for the management of hiking tours, in compliance with current law.

Ours is a non-profit amateur sports association, registered with the UISP and the CONI National Register.

We carry out excursions for beginners and experts, environment education, itineraries in natural, historical/cultural and eco-museum environments, also in English and French.

Wherever you want to go, let’s go together and let’s go all!


For 5 Euros: thanks via email;

For 10 Euros: thanks via email and mention on the site;

For 20 Euros: thanks via email, mention on the site and € 5 discount on one excursion by T.H.E.;

For 50 Euros: thanks via email, mention on the site and a free excursion  by T.H.E.(excluding additional costs such as transport and meals);

For 100 Euros: thanks via email, mention on the site, two free excursions  by T.H.E (excluding additional costs such as transport and meals), a  personalized shopper by T.H.E.;

For 200 Euros: thanks via email, mention on the site, two free excursions by T.H.E  (excluding additional costs such as transport and meals), a personalized shopper and a  a personalized travel beauty-case by T.H.E.;

For 500 Euros: thanks via email, mention on the site, two free personalized excursions by T.H.E  in San Gimignano,  including a  wine-tasting at a well-known local farm (excluding additional costs such as transport and meals). The excursions can also be offered as your gift to two of your friends directly informed by us.


Address: 11, Sacco and Vanzetti Street

Town: Castelfiorentino (FI)

Area Code: 50051

VAT No. / C.F .: 06645170488; R.E.A .: FI-646157

President: Erica Masini (mobile +39 349 6034218)

Vice-president and “Never Stop!” project manager: Nicola Dainelli (mobile + 39 328 4136156)



On request we can provide you a copy of our association’s  statute and constitutive act.