Who we are:

TOSCANA HIKING EXPERIENCE is a new reality, born from the great, shared passion for nature, environment, outdoor lifestyle and hiking.
Our aim is to spread the culture of walking and movement, to raise people’s awareness towards a healthy and environment-friendly life, rediscovering the beauties of our land that too often remain unknown.

We are regurarly authorized by the Regione Toscana according to L.R. n. 86/2016.

What we do:

We offer a wide range of activities : from thematic hikes to touristic ones in language, from half-day walking to multi-day trips, from sport to our animal friends. Come with us to discover Tuscany’s secrets!!!
As educators we elaborate projects on various themes for schools, as well as summer camps and visits to educational farms.

Wherever you want to go, let’s go together!

The Guides:

img_2999From simply being a fan of resistance sports, in particular mountain running, I gradually acquired a stronger wish to get to know and deepen my knowledge of every aspect of the natural environment surrounding us. Woodlands, the sea and mountains are my passions and every day they inspire my life-style. As a professional Hiking Guide, I hope to be able to share fantastic walking experiences with you, passing on all my enthusiasm and love of nature.

Cammina con noi! Walk with us!




I am a walker by vocation and philosophy of life. Always a lover of outdoor life and nature, I have always tried to understand myself and the places I’ve visited with the eyes of a pilgrim and of he who slowly listens to his own breathing and his own thoughts, prompted by nature and walking. A Scout Educator since 1986, I’ve always tried to pass on these passions to young people of every age through life in nature, the search for expertise, respect for others and for ourselves, with a healthy spirit of adaptability and helpfulness. From 2016 as a Hiking Guide, I’m trying to understand and study our territory by planning itineraries which can unite the beauty of our paths and ancient Tracks with the wonderful history of our land.A lover of cartography and orientation, I try to partner up the knowledge of topography and traditional orientation instruments, such as compass and altimetre, with more modern ones like GPS for mountain orientation, without neglecting capability and knowledge of the necessary equipment for day trips and longer excursions. I carry out excursions for beginners and experts, environment education, itineraries in natural, historical/cultural and eco-museum environments, also in English.