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Cliffs, ridges, Ghost Town and… mysterious appearance!

A wonderful day with a group of super hikers!
A very adventurous trail, up and down on clay ridges and climbing up on the cliffs that lead us to Toiano, a village surrounded by a nostalgic and grotesque atmosphere.





A full immersion in the history and misteries of these places, from the tragic story of the unfortunate and beautiful Elvira to the strange and gothic appearance from Toiano’s bridge, which initially scared and stopped our walkers, but then told us about the essence of this town, singingan old folkloristic song.

“Chi conosce Toiano, desolato

i suoi broti, boscaglie e le colline,

lo puole constatar chi c’è stato,

infatti sembra un mucchio di rovine.

E qui sta volentieri chi c’è nato,

abitandoci sin fin alla fine,

questo paese che non c’ha cultura,

è destinato per l’agricoltura.”


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