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In the height of autumn in Pietramarina!

img-20161211-wa0003Surely this morning some doubts could raise looking out of the window… luckily our fellows have been bold and brave for having been with us despite the weather was not exactly the best!

However, looking at S. Giusto al Pinone’s Abbey surrounded by a thick fog was fascinating. Every season is good for walking! And our group showed it us by creating a friendly atmosphere that let everyone forget of some little too cold gusts or little raindrops.

It’s been beautiful to see known faces and make new friends;p_20161211_123234
someone was astounded in front of Torre of S.Alluccio, someone was gathering cones of the many maritime pines to make Christmas decorations, someone searching forthe legendary goat’s imprint on the huge Devil’s Rock andsomeone made a feast of Strawberry tree’s fruits!

p_20161209_121438 Naturally, on the end of the path, voices went down in a peaceful img-20161211-wa0002silence, only the sound of stepped on leaves, induced by the magic of a narrow trail among abandoned chestnuts, wood little bridges and the wonderful flowers of Ginestrone (Ulex europaeus)

All T.H.E. staff thank you all for having been with us. Walk with us!

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