An unforgettable day at Pietrina’s Castle

Sunday, 27th November, the first hike of Toscana Hiking Experience!

p_20161127_103141A huge thanks to those who shared this new adventure with us: it was exciting to see friendly faces, who came to support us, and unknown faces who approached for the first time to our reality!

The day could not have gone better! Accompanied by a clear sky and a shining sun; the valley literally a sea of fog that leaves out only a few hills like little islands scattered here and there (and just think about how lucky we were to be on top of that “sea”!)p_20161127_084918p_20160810_081124Step by step we saw new friendships born, the curiosity in the eyes of children and enraptured looks by the beauty of the surrounding nature that left us all speechless!

Being together and sharing let us forget about some small climb a bit more difficult … especially if at the end a tasty snack is expecting us! 🙂

We hope to have made you live a day between friendship and serenity and to have shared our love for nature and the land that surrounds us!

To the next adventure …

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